Inspiration for the spatial computing revolution

Game design


Break Point

An action game in which the walls of your room are torn down bit by bit


A fresh twist on basketball through the power of augmented reality

Model car race track

Build your own race track in your room and then race on it in AR through Track Craft

Grand VR Slam

Swing virtual a racket in time with music in this VR exercise game that builds on the sport of tennis

Underwater diving

An underwater VR simulator with lots of attention to detail for maximum immersion

Close combat

freeroam.AR is developing a close combat laser tag game that adapts to the environment


PianoVision is an app that allows the user to learn piano by playing the notes that are overlaid on a keyboard using AR

Apple Fitness+ XR

Concept for a HIIT exercise session with an instructor visualised through smart glasses

90s history in the metaverse

Could history be saved as recreated immersive experiences in future? This example from EMU VR gives a good idea of what it could be like to revisit the 90s.

360 piano

This demo built using BabylonJS shows a magic portal containing a circular piano with notes coming at it in AR