Inspiration for designing and building the metaverse

Sports & Fitness


A fresh twist on basketball through the power of augmented reality

Ski navigation

Even high up on the slopes AR can help guide skiers and snowboarders with wayfinding anchors and contextual guidance

Grand VR Slam

Swing virtual a racket in time with music in this VR exercise game that builds on the sport of tennis

Hitting the wall

Combat gaming takes an immersive turn as punching your opponent into a wall actually breaks it down

Gym workout

A workout experience where the user is encouraged to pick from different exercises and follow along with a virtual instructor

Double click your heels

Previewing a running route and tracking key stats during the run with smart glasses

Underwater diving

An underwater VR simulator with lots of attention to detail for maximum immersion

Sports mini-games

3 sports mini-games created using FigminXR – baseball, American football and bowling

Punchbag boxing training

LiteBoxer is a boxing app that offers training using a real physical punch bag

Apple Fitness+ XR

Concept for a HIIT exercise session with an instructor visualised through smart glasses

Robot fitness

Mixed reality fitness takes a robotic shape